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International KKN Program, Collaborate UPI with AIESEC Bandung

Hello! Long time I am not Online on this wordpress since I had bustle with my academics and organizations. I’ve many stories who want I inform to you but that’s impossible if I should do that I really need more time and I am busy. Ok Just trying to take the mickey! 😀

I don’t know what I have to write now hahaa. Ok I got it!

Brevity, I just finished my exam for all subjects in this semester but I still have one subject who must finish it which is KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) the subject is about dedecation from students to society with purpose to make social impact for them. Basicly KKN will be held during summer or about July – August about six weeks. I have research some place, I meant a rural area who nearest with my home. I won’t KKN far from my home/dorm, because I have to saving money for Indochina Trip 2017 in this Summer. I had plan to KKN in Kab. Bandung.

On February, I applied the Global Volunteer AIESEC Program for. Actually I still fifty-fifty to join or not because If i choice exchange in the same time with my KKN. And until faced interview session with AIESEC Malaysia. I really nervous a lot when the interviewer gave some questions and case study, I didn’t knew that can happened whereas that I am a interviewer too in AIESEC Bandung. So ‘A interviewer has been interviewed by Interviewer’ (Hope you understand Lol)

After three days there was notification that I passed from selection. Yeahh it was overwhelming when received the result. But and the end I decided to breakmatch after knew that Project Fee spent much money like I must paid for accommodation. In truth, they have provided but not covered that. Huh.

On March like wave I got frustrated between mid-test and interview schedule, but I can handle it. In the middle daydreaming that I really want my summer will be memorable so I decisionmaking to go Global Volunteer AIESEC program. At that moment I choice Thailand country and applied for Sawasdee Wave 25 in AIESEC Chulalongkorn University. That’s one of my aspiration to stay a long time in Thailand. For me Thailand is second home after my beloved country. If it will be happening to me that mean’s my first time experience I visit it and live while six weeks. It is impressive of me.

แจมมิกา วรรณมโนมัย was my interviewer and I forgot her name then I can’t red her Thai character but I still keep in touch with her since I accepted became Exchange Participant in Thailand this summer. Wow, remarkable for my forgetfulness! 😦

So, how about KKN if I picked out Global Volunteer. Actually i felt insecure a lot of the decision because I have prepare money for exchange and with ungrudgingly I will lost my KKN score only for join Global Volunteer. So must consider and think twice more. In the middle march I got good news that KKN has collaborate with Global Volunteer AIESEC. That’s mean when I join Global Volunteer so I’ll get KKN’s score. We called International KKN. Ok Solved!

Next problem is money. I must have much money for join the project. I thought i can use my money in Bank to pay AIESEC administration about 150$ and issued flight ticket from Thailand to Indonesia about 73$. Then for other expenses like Insurance, Bagage, Visa, Project Fee, and Living Cost I’ll lobby and negotiation with my parent especially my Dad. Well I decided to do not rent a dorm in next semester my study so the dorm fee will be oper for Global Volunteer. Actually I felt sorry for my parent have them spent out of money. But I am promise after i graduate and getting job I will make them really happy one day. I whispered that this problem solve.

And how about Indochina 2017? I will keep going there before Global Volunteer without back again to Indonesia. I have booked ticket from Bandung to Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City and going to Thailand by cross border between Cambodia and of course Thailand. Is it solve? Yes.

So many problems I have to faced but I try to overcome it and being solution oriented. Frankly, this is so challenging experience and planless before due to I didn’t thought that I will walk as far of these. Hopefully my decision will be unforgettable moment for me because I won’t my study as always flat like most of them or laypeople, I just want exceptional and different. When I get living diversity, cross-culture, international networking, and make powerful impact to society those are missions of my alive.

Next I’ll share you about other my experiences 🙂

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. Seeyaa.